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Ozan Tonguz
HH B203

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since March 30, 2004

Consulting Assignments

Prof. Tonguz is a frequently sought after consultant and expert in information technology (especially in the areas of telecommunications and networking). His expert witness work has included preparing expert witness reports, prior art, claim construction, infringement, and invalidity aspects of intellectual property litigation. Prof. Tonguz has served for the following major law firms as an expert witness in the areas of wireless networks, fiber optic communications, optical networks, cellular networks, smart phones, wireless communications systems, Internet technology, and many other areas of telecommunications and networking:

  • Jones Day
  • Baker Botts
  • WilmerHale, LLP
  • Carlson and Caspers, LLP
  • Bennett, Brickin &Saltzburg, LLP
  • Dinnsmore &Shohl, LLP
  • Soroker-Agmon, LLP
  • Heller Ehrman, LLP
  • William & Connolly, LLP
  • Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group